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Keyboard with green glowing keysHappy IT Go Go is a website dedicated to providing interesting and surprising educational articles about BigFix, IT, and cybersecurity. There’s already a lot of cool places to get information about IT, but this site is a place where more tutorials and non-traditional information can be provided. The goal is to educate and entertain while making the reader more effective at doing what they love.

Additionally, we hope that this site can be another place to help the BigFix IT community grow and thrive. In that spirit, please feel free to provide feedback on both the site and the individual content. We do ask that any comments and feedback be given in a constructive way. The web site editors will work to maintain a positive and supportive environment for the readers and authors on this site.

This site is not owned or necessarily endorsed by any vendor or company. Any references to BigFix, IT, cybersecurity, or other products, software or otherwise, are strictly for providing education and are not intended as an endorsement or criticism of the product. Any copyrights and trademarks belong to their respective owners.

Content on this site is provided AS IS, and there is no guarantee to the accuracy of the information, however we will make a best effort and not  intentionally deceive or misinform. Any opinions expressed are strictly those of the author of an individual piece, and that opinion is not necessarily representative of this site.

While contributions to this site are very welcomed and encouraged, submission of content is not a guarantee of the content being published. Over time we will be developing submission guidelines for this site to clarify acceptable and appropriate content for this site. Publishing of content will be at the sole discretion of the web site administrators.

We hope that this endeavor provides a unique resource to our IT community. Happy IT adventures!

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